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Our Mowing


Correct mowing is essential to gain the most from our products and maintain a healthy lawn.  A large majority of gardeners cut lawns too short in the UK, resulting in a loss of immunity, higher weed count and susceptibility to moss.  


Grass biology requires a cut between 1 and 2 inches above the crown of the grass.  By cutting too close to the crown or on it, you severely weaken the grasses, hampering healthy growth and spread of stolons and rhizomes.


Green Frog Landscaping cut at the correct height, if your taste is a shorter lawn we can lower our blades to cut shorter, however please note, you will see a decline in your lawns vigor and areas will turn brown.

Winter Time


Gardening does not stop over winter, if any gardener tells you otherwise they have not been trained correctly and are advising you to put your garden four months behind leading up to spring.  Green Frog Landscaping do not neglect your garden over this time period, instead we carry out essential visits to keep your garden looking its best.

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