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Correct mowing is essential to gain the most from our products and maintain a healthy lawn.  A large majority of gardeners cut lawns too short in the UK, resulting in a loss of immunity, higher weed count and susceptibility to moss.  


Grass biology requires a cut between 1 and 2 inches above the crown of the grass.  By cutting too close to the crown or on it, you severely weaken the grasses, hampering healthy growth and spread of stolons and rhizomes.


Keep your lawn mower well maintained and blades sharp so you cut the grass, not tear it.  A mower with a collection bag removes all cuttings from your lawn, as any cuttings left can result in thatch.


Petrol can burn lawns if spilt so be sure to fill up your lawn mower away from your lawn.


We ask you not to mow your lawn between 4 and 7 days after we have applied a treatment to allow the product to settle and start working.


Don't forget we offer garden maintenance if you would like to spend your time relaxing in the garden rather then working in it.

Do not miss any of your feeds


When your lawn reaches an acceptable level to yourself, do not feel it will stay that way forever.  


Our feeds have a longevity and lawns are alive and take in nutrients which have to be replaced.  Seeds of weeds blow in and germinate in your lawn.  Hence all lawn treatment programmes are ongoing to keep your lawn healthy and looking it's best.



If your lawn is looking tired and you have been mowing it correctly, you have not missed a feed, most likely it needs watering.  In the height of summer, high temperatures require lawns to be watered twice a day.


Along with watering, when cutting raise the mower blades height to allow the grass to strengthen and recover.  If these steps do not work you may have dry patch or a lawn diesease/ pest problem.  Call Green Frog Landscaping and we will be happy to help.

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